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Frequently Asked Questions


1. A non-refundable deposit of $2,000 and the $550 preservation fee, along with a

signed contract secures your date. Ten months prior to your event a second deposit

of 40% of the total balance is due. Five months prior to your event, a third deposit of

40% is due. Please note if you are booking your wedding date two years out your 2nd deposit of the 40% total will be due 1 year to date from your initial deposit.

2. The administrative service charge (22%) is for the cost of handling the event (i.e.,

legal fees, contracts, meetings, phone calls, and all administrative services.

It is subject to CT Sales Tax and is not a gratuity.

3. Gratuities are completely at the client’s discretion and are not expected/required.

You could choose to tip the entire staff or just certain members. If you would like to

provide a gratuity, please provide them in clearly labeled envelopes (i.e., event

manager, “staff”, etc.).

4. Final payment is due in the form of a certified bank check or money order and will be

brought to your final meeting the week of your wedding. We do not accept personal

checks or credit cards for the final payment.

5. Children thirteen and younger are $25.00pp+ for chicken fingers with french fries or

an entrée at half price. Children will be charged for enhancements (i.e., dessert, late

night snacks, etc.).

6. If you choose to pay through credit card, it will result in a 2% increase in price. The

increase will be included in the final payment.


7. The wedding suite is included at no additional charge and strict arrivals are as follows:

Waterford Room: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 2 hours prior to the start time of your ceremony.

Prince Edward Ballroom: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 2 hours prior to the start time of your ceremony.

River’s Edge Ballroom at the Marina: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 2 hours prior to the start time of your ceremony.

8. Due to the event schedule, an on-site rehearsal is not possible. At the final meeting

the week of the wedding the event manager will devise a full processional with you,

and on wedding day they, along with their assistant, will line up your wedding party

and cue all those involved. It works out beautifully!

9. If you are not having an onsite ceremony the wedding party may arrive 30 minutes

prior to the start of your wedding reception.

10. Saint Clements Castle & Marina does not provide any ceremony decorations; all

décor (i.e., arch, columns, chuppah, etc.) is the sole responsibility of the florist you

have contracted. All ceremony decorations must be taken down and removed by the

conclusion of the wedding reception. In addition, artificial flowers are not permitted.

Saint Clements Castle is not responsible for setting up, removing, or relocating any ceremony décor.

11. Wedding Dress(es) and other attire cannot be allowed onto the property prior to your

designated wedding suite arrival time.

12. Dogs are allowed outdoors only (unless they are a service dog). They are required to

be under the watch of a dog handler.

13. Marriage License Requirements: If you are having a ceremony at the main estate

(Waterford Room or Prince Edward Ballroom) you will obtain your marriage license

through the town of Portland. If you are having a ceremony at the Marina (River’s

Edge), you will obtain your marriage license through the town of East Hampton. You

must obtain your marriage license from the town in which you are getting married.


14. The ballroom use 60″ round tables, which seat 10 guests per table. You may have up

to 3 tables that can seat 11-12 guests (72″ rounds).

15. Saint Clements Castle & Marina provides a table number frame at each table. Should

you choose to personalize your tables you would need to supply your own table


16. On your wedding day, our staff will put out the items that you have brought in for the

final meeting. These items can include place seating cards, toasting glasses, guest

book & pen, pictures, signage, table numbers, basket(s) of flip flops, ceremony

programs, cake knife and server, cake topper, and card box. It is the

responsibility of the florist to put out centerpieces. All items must be prepared for

and brought in the day of your final meeting. Items cannot be delivered to us beyond

the meeting date unless you are personally bringing them upon your arrival on the

wedding day (see allotted arrival times above).

All items will be packed up in your boxes at the end of the reception. Please make

sure that you have a vehicle to load these items into at the end of the night.

17. Each couple will make use of two (2) storage shelves, which are 2ft wide X 2ft deep X

6ft long. Should you have any additional items that do not fit within the storage

allotted, you will incur an additional fee, or you will need to assign someone to bring

in and set up the additional items on your wedding day. This includes extensive DIY

décor and extensive DIY centerpieces.

18. Prohibited items: due to our historic venue, candles or flames are not permitted.

LED, flameless candles and fairy lights are allowed. In addition, rice, bubbles,

birdseed, confetti, fireworks, sparklers, sky lanterns, dry ice machines, smoke

machines, foggers, hazers, or CO2 cannons are not permitted on the premises.

19. If you are supplying chargers for table place settings, please consult with your

wedding sales coordinator as chargers will change the dynamics of allotted number

of seats per table, etc.

20. Location of displays, signage, and decorations must be approved by Saint Clements

Castle & Marina.


21. Strict vendor arrival for set up is as follows:

Waterford Room: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 2 hours prior to the start time of your wedding.

Prince Edward Ballroom: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 2 hours prior to the start time of your wedding.

River’s Edge Ballroom at the Marina: Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: 2 hours prior to the start time of your wedding.

22. Vendor Meals (photographers, DJ’s Videographers, etc.) are half price of the

contracted per person price. Vendors are served as soon as all guests are served

(same timing as last few guest tables).

23. All vendors will have a choice of either a chicken or vegetarian entrée.

Your coordinator will need their meal choices 14 days prior to the wedding.

If meal selections are not in by this time, the vendors will receive the chicken entrée.

24. No items including wires can block or cross any walkway, doorways, or fire exits. It is

imperative you inform your band or DJ of this.

25. Please make your vendors aware that we do not have storage locations for cases (i.e.

band equipment) during the event. All equipment not being used must be stored in

their own vehicles.

26. For a photo booth please note that the maximum photo booth space size is 7 x 7 for

ALL ballrooms if a table is required. If no table is required, 8 x 8 is the maximum

amount of space.

At River’s Edge, photo booths must be “open-air” or “magic mirror” style with only a

backdrop and a free standing camera. Photo booth props and printers will be limited to

a 36″ round bistro table.

Any DIY photo booth will require you to assign someone to set it up/ breakdown on

the event day.


27. It is our legal responsibility to ensure that any individual partaking in the

consumption of alcohol is of the legal drinking age of 21. Shots are not allowed at the

bar for the safety of all individuals.

28. Saint Clements Castle & Marina has the option to change the menu based on

availability. Any menu changes will be agreed upon by the customer and Saint

Clements, Inc. prior to the day of the event.

29. All purchased food and alcohol, including leftovers, is not permitted to be wrapped

and taken off premises except for remaining wedding cake.

30. Saint Clements Castle & Marina does not permit you to provide your own alcohol.

Any alcohol brought onto the premises will be confiscated and unable to be returned.

31. Favors consisting of alcohol can only be distributed at the end of the evening by our

farewell attendant and cannot be displayed at the guest tables. Homemade favors

consisting of wine, beer and liquor are not permitted on the premises. Splits of wine

and champagne must be obtained by a licensed liquor distributor and must be sealed.

32. Food or alcohol may not be brought onto the premises from an outside source.


33. The main estate at Saint Clements Castle & Marina is a multi-function property

hosting two events simultaneously. The Waterford Room and Prince Edward

Ballroom are separated between entryways, courtyards, ceremony locations, interiors,

restrooms, etc. Please note that each area does not share photography locations and

cannot be intermixed. River’s Edge (at the marina) is a separate entity as well. Couples

booked at River’s Edge do not have the opportunity for photographs at the main

estate. Nor do couples booked at the main estate have opportunities for photographs

at River’s Edge (the marina).

34. Per your contract, supervision is required by one adult for every five children under

the age of thirteen.

35. For the safety of guests, shoes must be worn at all times. Bare feet are not permitted

at any time on the premises.


36. About 3-4 months ahead of your wedding date, your wedding sales coordinator will

email out our wedding questionnaire. This form will begin gathering details like your

vendor team + contact information, menu selections, etc. Once completed, they will

then draft an event sheet to summarize your day, as well as a ballroom floor plan with


37. A buttercream wedding cake is included in your wedding package. You will reach out

to the bakery directly with information provided to you.

38. Your final guest count and entrée choice breakdown is due 14 days prior to your

wedding date, so please keep this in mind when mailing your invitations/gathering RSVPs.


39. The Wednesday or Thursday the week of your wedding is when your final meeting will take

place. Your wedding sales coordinator will reach out to you to schedule that meeting. If

your wedding is on a Friday your final meeting will be on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

weddings will have their final meeting on Thursday the week of your wedding.

Please keep this meeting date in mind when scheduling other wedding related events. As

final meetings dates cannot be altered.

40. Who you will meet with:

This is the meeting that you will meet with your day of event manager and wedding sales


41. What will take place:

Details that happen at this meeting are as follows: check-in of the items you have

brought (see décor), detailing of your processional (see ceremony), overall review of

the timeline of the day and confirming specific items such as introductions, first

dance, toasts, blessing, cake cutting, parent dances, etc.

42. What you will bring:

Place seating cards, toasting glasses, guest book & pen, pictures, signage, table

numbers, basket(s) of flip flops, ceremony programs, cocktail napkins,

favors, amenities baskets, disposable cameras, cake knife & server, cake topper and

card box (see décor), floor plan, master guest list, index cards, and final payment

(in the form of a certified bank check or money order).

43. How long should I plan to be at this meeting?

Please plan for forty-five (45) minutes.

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