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Those Must-Have Wedding Enhancements

Utilizing a venue’s enhancement options can be the “icing on the cake” for your wedding. That little bit of elevation you needed.
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Are you a couple that is looking to go that extra mile to make your wedding stand out? Do you think of yourself as a “foodie”? Most venues offer a variety of enhancement options that will make you and your guests craving for more.

Cocktail Hour Enhancements

Think about your seasonal soiree and select the best upgrade! Think raw bar for those summer evening weddings or a hot beverage station for late fall or winter, with mulled apple cider and hot cocoa that will warm up your guests in no time. How about some apple fritters for all the fall lovers! Our culinary experts have been extremely creative with enhancement offerings to help our couples’ visions come to life and match the theme or season of their wedding.

Plated Dinner Service Enhancements

You will also find that there can be upgrades and customized options for your dinner service. Enhance your salads or entrees and even your desserts. A dessert table can be the perfect compliment to your wedding cake, with a variety of tarts, cakes and pastries to sweeten the night.

Late Night Snacks

Grilled cheese and French fries? Popcorn? Apple fritters? Tater tots? YES, PLEASE! These late night snacks have become a fan favorite. Imagine the dance floor full of friends and family. That crazy uncle doing the worm on the dance floor. The libations have been flowing, and everyone is having a blast. Some guests may need to re-energize or fill their tummies before heading home. Now is the time to roll out the late night snacks for that element of surprise—trust us, it works every time.

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