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How To Navigate Covid-19 as a 2020 Couple

Couples across the nation are facing challenges when it comes to planning their wedding amid to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team at Saint Clements Castle has been working tirelessly to help 2020 couples navigate our new “normal” when it comes to hosting their special day. We are constantly receiving information from the CDC, WHO, and the governor of CT to ensure we are complying with all state guidelines and regulations.

We wanted to provide 5 tips on where to start if your wedding is supposed to be in 2020 and you are looking for some guidance. We are sure you have heard by now to think “reschedule” not “cancel” more times than you would have preferred. We want your special day to happen just as much as you and when it does it WILL be the most exceptional day! Here are some things to keep in mind if your wedding is in 2020.

1. Communication

Talking with your sales managers, event coordinators, and vendors is key to discussing what your options are. They will help guide you to make the safest decision for you and your guests.

2. Flexibility

Venues just like many other vendors may have limited date availability due to prior bookings for the following year. Here are some options to think about, mid-week wedding day, if you had your wedding set for a Saturday try and be open to a Friday or Sunday if your rescheduling to the following year. Also, be open-minded to a different season; view our IG account for inspiration if needed!

3. Reducing Your Guest List

If you are still anticipating on hosting your wedding in 2020, unfortunately, you may need to start thinking about reducing your guest count and be open-minded as there may be restrictions in place to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

4. Change the Date Cards

When you decide on a new date, we have seen many couples staying as positive as they can be and creating fun change the date cards to send to their guests to keep them informed.

5. Consider Virtual Options for Compromised Guests

We have seen a lot of information on videographers creating ZOOM packages that will allow guests that have compromised immune systems or guests that just simply do not feel comfortable attending, to attend your wedding virtually. We think this could be a unique option especially for those special grandparents in your life!

We want to reiterate your special day WILL happen and it will be unforgettable. You will have a very unique story to tell the grandkids someday! Stay positive and to all of our 2020 couples we will remain here for you throughout this challenging time and encourage you to stay informed by our updates on our website, social media channels and in communication with your sales managers.

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